Weekly Roundup

Egil Asprem at Heterodoxology gives a nice taxonomy of several different forms of scientism

Obesity is identified as a threat to National Defence

Researchers admit they are still unclear about how many genes there are in the human genome

Will Thomas at Ether Wave Propaganda discusses whether the common argumentative strategies in STS lead to conflicts of interest with the history of science.

This is only about science contradistinctively, but it should be of interest to most philosophers and historians of science: Stanley Fish of the New York Times announces that the crisis of the humanities has officially arrived.

CBC covers a favorite Bubble Chamber issue – Golden Rice and GMO crop regulation

The Atlantic provides some insight into medical science and how the quality of the research question asked affects the quality of evidence produced by randomized control trials.

Abigail Baim-Lance reviews “Science, Citizenship, and Genetic Identities” at Somatosphere

A US court sets a cyber-precedent by ruling that Amazon can patent “one-click” internet shopping

Jai Virdi at From the Hands of Quacks hosts a blog carnival on Visuals and Representation, and gives some great overviews of three recent papers on expertise in the 18th century

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