Weekly Roundup

Will Thomas at Etherwave Propaganda is embarking on a new research project broadly to do with 20th century agricultural technology in Britain, and about ideas of “pure vs. applied research, scientific vs. local knowledge, and scientific advice vs. state action”. We’re looking forward to hearing more Will!

Democrats often criticized Bush for manipulating reports from scientific agencies, but they are now being faced with similar accusations, as the New York Times reports. It seems a report that was purportedly due to outside experts was edited to recommend a moratorium on deep-sea drilling, while the experts recommended no such thing.

RealClimate has an interesting post about the image of science in the media vs. how it really is. It will probably strike many here as naive, but it’s always valuable to see how scientists see themselves and their discipline, right?

I missed the PSA session on “ClimateGate”, but there’s a great summary of the session at Scientopia!

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