Weekly Roundup

Gregory Petsko, a Professor of Biochemistry, speaks out in favour of the humanities, and the unique virtues they can instil in working scientists.

James Ladyman, a philosopher of science working primarily on naturalized metaphysics, has petitioned his fellow academics “to make this website go viral.”  If you are in the UK, and/or you value the humanities, it is especially worth checking out.

A letter in Science (via Age of Engagement, where you can read part of it if you don’t have a subscription) calls for scientists to mobilize to “make concerted efforts to provide people, organizations, and governments with critical information, to address misperceptions, and to counter misinformation and deception”.

Other (?) climate scientists are forming a “rapid response team” with the mission of countering climate disinformation campaigns by aggressively engaging the media.

For those who liked the Atlantic’s article on John Ioannidis, Aaron over at False Vacuum pointed me towards this fantastic article from Science News entitled “Odds Are It’s Wrong“. It covers much of the same ground as the previously-mentioned article, but gives more details on the history of statistics in scientific practice.

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