Weekly Roundup

The major science story of the week has got to be NASA’s announcement of a new form of life composed of arsenic rather than phosphorous… or that eats arsenic rather than phosphorous… or that can be trained to do so in the lab…. Matt Nisbet at Age of Engagement documents the hype and speculation that led up to the announcement due to the embargo policies of magazines like Science.

Somatosphere tells us that the executive board of the American Anthropological Society has recently removed all mentions of “science” from its mission statement. This has understandably led to some controversy.

Ilana Yurkiewicz at Science Progress argues that the problems with science journalism can’t all be attributed to science journalists, but also to editorial pressure to “keep things simple”.

Should you be taking vitamin D supplements? A post at Feminist Philosophers points us towards a report that apparently claims that they are unnecessary and perhaps harmful for most people, but (surprise!) upon further investigation it turns out things are much less clear.

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