Weekly Roundup

Amid the hopes and horrors in Libya, a controversy over Saif Gaddafi plagiarizing his PhD from the London School of Economics (apparently supervised by Nancy Cartwright) has been brewing.

Brian Leiter asks whether philosophy departments are being specially targeted for cuts.

Why is the science media so focused on the Fukushima nuclear saga rather than other aspects of Japan’s earthquake?

What’s a bigger threat: nuclear power or coal production?

Michael Ruse compares the New Atheists to the Tea Party.

Students and professors at Imperial College, London will be meeting in April to discuss how to use Wikipedia.

Ashley Brosius at Age of Engagement argues that there needs to be more focus on adaptation to climate change rather than just on prevention.

House Republicans voted against amendments to a bill stating that Congress acknowledges “basic” facts about climate change.


  • W. Dean Reply

    I’d love to know where this “death per watts” figure comes from. Not that I’d doubt for a moment that Mother Jones is a reliable source!

    • W. Dean Reply


      Thanks for the source. As I suspected, the figures trace back to an epidemiological study by the WHO. And, of course, these numbers are not tallies of dead bodies on slabs. They’re conjectured mortality rates based on a set of assumptions about the effects of particulate matter from coal-burning that may or may not pan out in reality. And, as usual, there’s no mention of this fact in the block diagram itself—once again, a possibility becomes a reality.

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