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    this video about idealization in science is very interesting but I’d like to mention the polish philosopher of science Leszek Nowak (1943-2009). He was the first, in Europe, that developed a systematic conception of idealization in science and his works were written just before Giere’s and Sorensen’s works. So, the question is: why all these scholars never mention Nowak’s work? This is a case of intellectual dishonesty in my opinion. All these scholars, like Giere, Sorensen or even Mauricio Suarez, are discovering idealization in science only nowadays, but Nowak wrote is first paper about idealization at the end of 60’s!!! And during the 70’s he wrote his first works about this topic, comparing his view of science with Popper, Carnap, Hempel, Weber and so on. I wanna give you a piece of advice….Study Leszek Nowak! Anyway, sorry for my english and if you want you can reply also writing a mail to my address.

    Good evening to everybody!

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