Weekly Roundup

Rockin’ all the way to the jailhouse

A Norwegian study claims that kids’ preference for non-mainstream music can lead to delinquency in adolescence (via the Atlantic). As Jezebel reminds us, there’s a rich history of accusations against specific types of music, including the tritone in the Middle Ages and prohibition-era jazz (not to mention rock n’ roll).

In response to an Australian customer’s photo of an 11-inch “footlong” sandwich, Subway responded that “Subway footlong” is a trademark, not a measurement (via Buzzfeed).

With Valentines’ Day less than a month away, Dan Slater at the New York Times checks up on evolutionary psychology’s arguments for our battle-of-the-sexes mentality, as well as some newer studies that challenge it. At the very least, you’ll learn what counted as a pick-up line in 1989: “I have been noticing you around campus and I find you to be very attractive.”

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