Weekly Roundup

Although the new edition of the DSM describes BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) as an unusual sexual fixation or paraphilia, a new survey in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that BDSM practitioners demonstrate greater psychological health and felt more secure in their relationships than non-practitioners.

Reminiscent of Michael Pollan’s linking of women’s refusal of their previous “moral obligation to cook” and rising consumption of prepackaged/fast food and obesity, a new study by India’s National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation suggests that Indian mothers are to blame for rising obesity rates, based on a lingering “famine mentality” and a turn to prepackaged meals.

In a great example of practitioners’ contributions to scholarly progress, hairdresser Janet Stephens’ published findings on Ancient Roman hair techniques are in the news. Stephens showed that the complex historical hairstyles could only be created with needles, not hairpins, overturning many classicists’ assumptions. You can find examples of Stephens’ hair archaeology on her YouTube channel.

Hastening the end of the mismatch between New York City’s distributing condoms as a public health policy and seizing condoms as evidence of prostitution, Brooklyn police have been instructed to no longer use the possession of condoms as evidence in prostitution arrests.

Planetary Resources, a space exploration company, is using Kickstarter to crowd-source ARKYD, a publicly-accessible space telescope. After only 2 days, they are over halfway to their million dollar goal.

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