Weekly Roundup

We prefer Baskerville, we hate Comic Sans: Chris Gayomali explains how we’re influenced by typefaces.

Cable TV correlates with lower birthrates in rural Indian and Brazilian villages, but only if the channels include non-imported soap operas.

In honour of Man of Steel‘s release, here are 10 facts about Superman from Scientific American.

The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that human genes can’t be patented, but that Myriad Genetics, which previously held patents on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes used in breast cancer diagnoses, can keep its patent on synthesized cDNA. Marie-Claire King, who discovered the BRCA1 gene, is thrilled, but the Supreme Court’s admitted confusion over the molecular biology of the case is worrying to some.

What has four legs and runs like a cat? This “cheetah-cub robot.”


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