Weekly Roundup


Check out Richard Dawkins in this widely-shared, bizarre video (weirdness starts at 4:40). If only there was a word to describe something like this that catches on and replicates culturally…

If you want to stop procrastinating, here are six tactics supported by science (via Lifehacker).

Jezebel summarizes recent research purporting to reveal the secrets of attractiveness to the opposite sex. This is bad news for clean-shaven men in dark t-shirts in the winter and non-brunette women on Wednesday afternoons.

According to a recent study, people have the most difficulty falling asleep on Sunday nights. No wonder everyone, including Garfield, hates Mondays.

Researchers have sequenced the oldest genome to date (560-780 thousand years old) using an ancient horse fossil discovered in the Yukon, with ramifications for our understanding of horse evolution. The results were published this week in Nature.

Vaguely reminiscent of the plot from 90’s blockbuster Mercury Rising, the Australian Air Force released its recruitment phone number for engineers as the solution to a complex equation. Unfortunately, two typos meant the original problem was unsolvable; it has since been corrected.

Disaster experts estimate that the battle between Superman and General Zod in the film Man of Steel caused 129 thousand deaths, 1 million injuries, and 2 trillion dollars of damage to the city of Metropolis.

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