Weekly Roundup

After our hit-or-miss summer update schedule, we’re proud to bring you the first weekly roundup of the new school year.

photo of a frog leaping away from NASA’s Minotaur V rocket launch of LADEE earlier this month has gone viral. According to the Guardian’s Jason Goldman, this is just the latest addition to a lengthy history of frogs in space; Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today describes other notable animal encounters with NASA launches, including birds, bats, and cows.

Yesterday, scientists across Canada protested the government’s muzzling of results and cuts to research funding in “Stand Up For Science” rallies. #standup4science took the twitterverse by storm yesterday (although the hashtag also refers to the ongoing Texas Creationism textbook issue). Evidence for Democracy has a sample of tweets, including a regional breakdown.

Should you keep eggs in the refrigerator? A new study sponsored by the Daily Mail says it makes no short-term difference.

The overuse of antibiotics leads to “superbugs” which sicken millions and cause the deaths of 23 thousand Americans every year, according to a new CDC report.

Economist Emily Oster’s book Expecting Better, which presents the data behind conventional pregnancy recommendations and prohibitions, faced a barrage of criticism and negative online reviews, in part from fetal alcohol syndrome advocates, for her inclusion of research suggesting that consuming small amounts of alcohol (up to one drink a day after the first trimester) has not been shown to be harmful during pregnancy.

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