Weekly Roundup

GoldieBlox, the celebrated toy series designed to introduce girls to engineering and to combat “pinkification,” have removed their parody song of the Beastie Boys’ hit “Girls” from their viral video of an anti-princess Rube Goldberg machine after the band complained following GoldieBlox’s preemptive fair-use lawsuit. Meanwhile, engineers have claimed that the toys are boring and poorly made, and the toy line has been criticized for enforcing gender stereotypes in the stories accompanying the construction sets. Slate suggests the best gender-neutral alternatives but admits GoldieBlox isn’t so bad.

23andme, the provider of a saliva-based DNA test kit for individuals, has been ordered by the FDA in an open letter to cease all sales after the latter ruled the corporation had begun marketing the kit as a medical device.

Biologists have discovered a new organ in the throats of koalas responsible for their deep mating calls.

Nature reports that the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology have retracted their most downloaded paper, a controversial 2012 study linking Monsanto’s GM maize and their Roundup herbicide to increased tumors in rats.

Waking earlier is linked to both high school and career success, but since night owls and early risers have differently-structured brains, the solution may be more complicated than simply setting an earlier alarm.


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