Weekly Roundup – Supersized Preholiday Edition

Google honoured pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper in an animated doodle. In addition to creating COBOL, Hopper was the first to describe a (literal) “computer bug,” which you can spot at the end of the animation.

Overweight? Blame your cul-de-sac: Here’s an excerpt from Charles Montgomery’s new book Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design.

Chimpanzees have been denied legal personhood in three lawsuits filed in New York courts by the Nonhuman Rights Project. Wired gives us some context with a history of animals’ status.

A NASA satellite has pegged a ridge in the East Antarctic Plateau as the coldest place on Earth, where it falls below -92°C.

Neuroscientist Dr. James Fallon discovered that his own brain pattern matches those of his psychopathic subjects.

The new Nobel prize winner in physiology or medicine, biologist Randy Schekman, announced that his lab will boycott the “tyranny” of “luxury” journals Nature, Cell, and Science. Fortunately, there are open-access alternatives, including eLIFE, which coincidentally is edited by Schekman.

A widely-publicized study purporting to confirm many stereotyped differences in the structure of male and female brains, has been criticized by neuroscientists, been described as “neurosexism,” and prompted a more nuanced look at the real evidence for gender differences.

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