Weekly Roundup

Image via the galileowaswrong blog.

The release of the trailer for The Principle, a geocentric film casting doubt on Copernicanism, resulted in statements from several people featured in the trailer distancing themselves from the project. Narrator Kate Mulgrew explained on Facebook that she was misled about the nature of the project and that “I am not a geocentrist, nor am I in any way a proponent of geocentrism.” Physicist Lawrence Krauss reasoned that producers either purchased footage of him from another production company, interviewed him under false pretences, or used public domain footage. With regard to the latter, producer Rick Delano said in a released statement that “I can tell him how he ended up in our film. He signed a release form, and cashed a check.” Robert Sungenis, the film’s executive producer, is a geocentrist, running the galileowaswrong.com blog.

Old men become grumpy around age 70, but they live longer in nursing homes.

Entrain, a new app, calculates how best to fight jet lag. The app’s methodology is supported by a recent paper in PLOS Computational Biology.

Just in time for Homeopathy Awareness Week, a new draft report by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council debunked homeopathy’s effectiveness. Homeopathy proponents were permitted to submit material for the report, but it didn’t meet the council’s scientific standards.

“Language diversity” correlates both with mountainous terrain that isolates human groups and with rivers that bring those groups together.

Jenny McCarthy argues in an op-ed piece for the Chicago Sun-Times that she is not and has never been against vaccines. Phil Plait provides an excellent argument to the contrary, but I’ll add that her backtracking might have been motivated by the resurgence of preventable disease outbreaks, grimly documented in the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website.

Kansas is not planning to black out the science program Cosmos, despite the viral popularity of the satirical news story.

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