Interview with the Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street | TED Talks

This TED interview with mathematician and founder of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies Jim Simmons should be an interesting watch for those who like the history of mathematics or the history of finance, especially the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Simons’ hedge fund started out successfully using chartist methods, but has gradually adopted more and more sophisticated models. He claims that they are still very successful today, even as many other hedge funds have stumbled.

Jim Simons was a mathematician and cryptographer who realized: the complex math he used to break codes could help explain patterns in the world of finance. Billions later, he’s working to support the next generation of math teachers and scholars. TED’s Chris Anderson sits down with Simons to talk about his extraordinary life in numbers.


Source: A Rare Interview with the Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons | TED Talks – YouTube.


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