Weekly Roundup

“A man travels to outer space, while his identical twin remains on earth…” Thanks to astronauts Mark and Scott Kelley, NASA can finally replicate this mainstay of physics textbook examples (although it’s no true twin paradox, as the ISS doesn’t travel at near-light speed).

Questions surround the details of last week’s announcement of homo nadeli, with some scientists criticizing the premature creation of a new species. Others implicate the PR-science journalism-imprecise headline hype cycle has been implicated. And the Atlantic asks why the homo nadeli specimens haven’t been dated yet; it turns out it’s very difficult and complicated to accurately date fossils from so long ago.

If you haven’t yet heard of #clockboy, WIRED has a rundown of Ahmed Mohamed’s saga.

Jacking up the price of lifesaving drugs then doubling down on social media, tends to send your reputation right down to moustache-twirling villain levels. Just ask Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli.

Finally, a primer of key moments in technological and cultural history of the mid-to-late 20th century.

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