Weekly Roundup

Cheers! The CDC, which received swift and biting criticism for their recommendations that any women of childbearing age and not on birth control abstain from consuming alcohol (and in addition, that the risks to “any women” of alcohol consumption include “injuries/violence” and “unintended pregnancy”) have clarified that their recommendations for “any woman” were not meant, in fact, for all women. They’ve also modified, and then removed, the pesky online infographic in question. The CDC should have known better, given how well their 2006 designation of all women of childbearing-age as “pre-pregnantwas received.

Sue Carter, the new head of the Kinsey Institute, prefers to study human sexuality within the context of bonding and relationships (she originally studied pair-bonding prairie voles, which some see as a betrayal of Kinsey’s original intentions for his research into human sexuality.

Our fears of robo-revolution remain blissfully unfounded, as most AIs are incapable of passing an 8th-grade science test (multiple choice, no less).

Death Valley may be about to explode with wildflowers in a rare display known as a “super bloom.”

A new journal, the Preclinical Reproducibility and Robustness channel of the F1000Research open-source research network, is entirely focused on replicability.

Oh, and we found gravitational waves, as predicted (and temporarily doubted) by Einstein. No big deal.

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