Weekly Roundup

Here at The Bubble Chamber, we’ve discussed the War on Science (as well as the Science Wars, which are slightly different) most heartily. So it’s very encouraging to see new angles the topic, coming from a panel of historians of science at AAAS who caution against calling varied opposition to particular scientific issues a “war.” The panel, which included Roberta Millstein, Steve Strauss, and Erik Conway, had an especially memorable moment in Mark Largent‘s call for scientists to own their responsibility, straight out of Stan Lee’s wheelhouse…

Relatedly, new research sheds light on our climate change attitudes: our particular political affiliation (but not, interestingly, overall political ideology) predicts our acceptance of climate change, and believing in climate change doesn’t translate to support for particular environmental policies. And the HPV vaccine has been largely successful at reducing cervical cancer, although physicians must be more diligent in recommending it in order for the vaccine to deliver proper immunity.

Black holes don’t look the way we think they do, but their indirect effects look pretty cool. And here’s an incredible new image of the Milky Way from the APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL) in Chile.

Facebook’s Reactions, now available to users as an elaboration of the “Like,” are “straight out of Darwin“; they’re based on universal emotional responses, like those from the Pixar film Inside Out.

“When they did push the button, the servers all went down”: Inside Higher Ed has new details about the publication process for LIGO’s discovery of gravitational waves.

Don’t feel too sorry for the robot… it’s the only way it’ll learn.

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