Weekly Roundup, Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day! Here are the best ways to geek out. Or just enjoy “Leap Day,” the 6th-season episode of 30 Rock that created the yellow-and-blue-themed hootenanny to celebrate our extra .242190 day’s worth of orbit. The episode introduced the kindly Leap Day William (who trades children’s tears for candy) as well as the spoof holiday movie Leap Dave Williams (deftly casting Jim Carrey and Andie MacDowell), a Liar, Liar/Groundhog Day/The Santa Clause mashup. (And of course, don’t forget about leap seconds.)

Speaking of movies, the scientific and technical Academy Awards (the less-flashy cousin of last night’s politically-charged, cookie-filled gala) quietly celebrated recent design innovations for the film industry a few weeks back.

Guess who won a promote-girls-in-STEM campaign’s tech competition. Give up? It was Josh. Sadly, women-in-STEM campaigns are notorious for bungled execution and this one is no exception. Now, #prettycurious joins fellow PR trainwrecks #hackahairdryer and “Science: it’s a girl thing.”

Here are two good ideas: 1. Therapy dogs. 2. Therapy for dogs.

Manatees, fresh from their party at Three Sisters Springs, are present in Florida in record numbers. And the monarch butterfly is making a comeback, suggesting that recent pollinator campaigns have been effective. Conversely, both recent successes could suggest that we’re less-reluctant environmentalists when species are charismatic.

Next week’s eclipse coincides with a supermoon.

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