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As we’ve previously discussed, when you decide to name something with an online poll, you shouldn’t be surprised when the winning name isn’t quite what you wanted. And to preempt your disappointment, let me stress that it’s unlikely we’ll see the RRS Boaty McBoatface anytime soon, because the Natural Environment Research Council gave themselves final say. But that’s what makes these cases closer to how democracy really works.

To be a successful historian, it helps to be the only one working in your area. Like Andrew Groen, whose book describes the context of the Great War and its influence on remaining political structures… in the EVE Online MMO.

Whether we find extraterrestrial life depends on what scientists consider to be alive.

Here are the winners of Popular Science’s 2016 Invention Awards.

We’re so invested in the idea of our superiority to other animals that we find it hard to acknowledge their specific achievements, argues Frans de Waal.

Money can’t buy me happiness, but I’m happiest when I can buy what I want: It turns out that having money available in your checking account (and not total earnings, savings, net worth, credit, or amount of debt) has the greatest effect on individual happiness. Liquid assets, particularly the first $1000, contribute most highly to life satisfaction.


Eleanor Louson
Eleanor Louson is a PhD student in the Science and Technology Studies program at York University. She has degrees in biochemistry and philosophy from Bishop's University and a MA from the IHPST. She now works in the philosophy and history of biology, with a focus on wildlife films and the representation of animal behaviour.

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